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Degenerative Disorders

Degenerative Disorders are a group of disorders that cause progressive and irreversible damage to the tissues and structures of the organs in your body over time. These disorders can affect various structures of the body over time, including the brain, spinal cord, nerves, muscles and bones. There is no specific treatment for degenerative disorders. At preetham neuro centre utilises a specific treatment approach based on the individual patient’s needs and the type and severity of the degenerative disorder.

Some commonly Known Degenerative Disorders

The most commonly known degenerative disorders are

Symptoms of Degenerative Disorders

Affected individuals usually tend to exhibit the following symptoms


Treatments for degenerative diseases are usually implemented through a multidisciplinary strategy that is based on personalised solutions that take individual needs and requirements into account. Treatments for degenerative disorders usually involve cures through effective management of the disease. Some of the treatment options include