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Top Neuro Centre in Hyderabad!

Introduction & Establishment

Preetham Neuro Centre was established, with the intent of creating a special centre for neurology that exclusively focuses on innovative areas of neuroscience. With advancements and innovations in the field of medical science constantly happening by the minute, Preetham Neuro Centre hopes to be a neuro centre that is innovative in its approach and capable of adapting to new changes & advancements. Founded under the vision of expert neurologist Dr Preetham Reddy, Preetham Neuro Centre aspires to be your go-to centre for comprehensive and holistic neurological care.


To become the top centre for advancements & innovation in neurology.


To make advanced & comprehensive neurological care affordable and within reach.


The man behind the vision

Dr Preetham Reddy is a leading neurologist in Hyderabad. As an expert consultant in neurology with more than eight years of experience, he is enthusiastic to bring new advancements in the field of neurology to the foothills of Hyderabad, in hopes of improving access to neurological treatments and enhancing innovation and change.

Why Preetham Neuro Centre?

At Preetham Neuro Centre we are committed to delivering excellence and exceptional care. As a full-fledged neurological centre, we hope to increase access to advanced and innovative treatments in neurology and accelerate innovation and change.