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Altered Sensorium & Coma

Altered sensorium and coma are both influenced by a prolonged impact on the consciousness of the brain. While altered sensorium refers to the alteration in the perceived senses and consciousness, coma refers to the general loss of consciousness for some time. Under altered sensorium, an individual suffers from changes to their brain function, which leads to confusion, amnesia, disorientation, poor balance, poor regulation of emotions and unusual or strange behaviour. While it can’t be classified as a disease, it can stem from disorders, illnesses or injuries that directly impact your brain.
As one of the few neurological centres offering advanced and minimally invasive treatments for neurology, we believe in helping patients recover through dedicated neurological support and holistic care. Especially for conditions like altered sensorium and coma, we offer dedicated and integrated neurological support and round-the-clock care to help them recover comfortably.

Altered sensorium

Altered sensorium can usually be indicated by a lack of coherence in behaviour or any unusual patterns in their behaviour and action. An altered sensorium is a condition that occurs due to impacting damage to the brain. Treatments for altered sensorium often depend on the key influencing factor behind it.
These are a few of the conditions that can cause altered sensorium:


A coma is a state of prolonged loss of consciousness which can range from a variety of causes, including head injury, stroke, brain tumour, infection or an underlying illness, like altered sensorium. It can be classified as a disease but rather as a condition that occurs due to impacting damage to the brain.

Symptoms of coma

A person in a comatic state can exhibit the following symptoms
It should be understood that a coma is a serious medical condition that requires immediate medical attention. Depending on the severity of the condition, we prescribe medication and employ assisted means of living during the coma state.
Recovering from a condition that affects your state of consciousness is never easy. To help our patients recover with ease, at Preetham Neuro Centre, we are committed to providing them with the comfort and convenience of being able to recover at their own pace.